Screaming night life and a dried up lagoon – Monday 14th November 2011


Last night we watched the stone curlews: long legged, hesitant birds, who seem quite meek and mild during the day but get very het up at night. They shriek and scream as though being mugged! I was once told that the aboriginal people thought these noises were the spirits of the dead. Well I can well imagine someone might think this! The curlews work themselves up with a small hiss, which moves to a soft whine, then whirr and then the full show!


The birds were joined by three cute possums who maintained a dignified silence, but raided bins. There is clearly a division of opinion about possums: pest or cute?

Throughout the night I woke to hear various noises, including various air con units throbbing softly, but breakfast on the balcony more than made up for the disturbed night.

We took the bus to Nelly Bay where the ferry came in. As a shopping centre, it is minute but it has a supermarket and a post office with a few restaurants and shops. We bought some food and a birthday present for John’s sister and posted it.

Back at Horseshoe Bay, we discovered a freshwater lagoon, set several hundred meters from the main road. We make our way through the bush, along a hardly used path and I realized I have totally the wrong shoes for this kind of thing. Although the water has all but dried up, the mud oozes thickly over my things/ flip flops. YUK!

So back to the beautiful beach to look for the whitest possible shell.




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