R and R at Treetops Mission Beach – Saturday 12th November 2011


Oh, how wonderful to sleep in fresh, clean sheets and wake to the heat of the sun. Treetops YHA has an incredibly relaxing vibe – no news, no shoes. Over breakfast, we chat to the other guests, there are very few of them, but we instantly make a family. Over the day, we discover at least two of them are actually locals who spend their time here. Eliza, from the UK, is a seasoned traveller and has been in Australia for 2 weeks. She’s about 30, unplanned, unsettled but eager for conversation.

By 9.00 she has persuaded the YHA bus to run us to town. She is looking to find Eco work, or conservation of the cassowary. We just need some food!

When we return, there is no one left. We have the pool to ourselves, we soak up the sun, finish last night’s wine and read. I am working my way through the Mann Booker short list, before I know the winner. It is a delicious indulgence for me to read literature. When I worked, I only ever managed two pages of a novel before falling to sleep. Usually it was educational research.

We study the view below us. You can just see the sea.


The cyclone in February ripped all the branches from the trees, revealing the extent of this view. The kitchen, communal area was littered with half-trees which took a fortnight to clear.


It’s such a beautiful place to relax in. 2 hours in a hammock takes some beating after all our travels. Hopefully I’ll cope better with the green beetles tonight! We’re back on the move again tomorrow.


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