Magnetic Island revisited -Sunday 13th November 2011

I loved Mission Beach, but I have to say it was really easy to pack because the room had so little space we never really unpacked!


But I was eager to get to Magnetic Island and thankful that the Greyhound was uneventful with a positively jovial driver, who stopped for lunch by the sea.

The travel connections were as smooth as I remembered from 13 years ago, the only other time I have ever been to Australia, to visit my daughter on her gap year. I had come over for just one week: half way across the world! By myself! It had cost too much for John and I to come together in those days.

The excitement, I remember, that I had made it. The total pride and satisfaction that her instructions for connections and travel had all fallen into place so smoothly. I remember so clearly as the ferry pulled out of Townsville, then, I couldn’t wait to see her and hold her again, she’d been traveling for 6 months back in the late 90s.

Today, I felt I’ve returned to the destination I had always wanted John to see. A calm filled me; a resolution completed.


Some of Magnetic was instantly recognizable to me but the distances between towns now seemed so much less! Geoff’s Place, is now the YHA Bungalow Bay, but it’s essence remains the same. Horseshoe Bay is more developed but the Jet Ski and several of the shops have not changed. There’s far more shops now and it’s a busy Sunday with the Marlin Bar full, a packed audience listening to 3 girls singing.

We stay in the same kind of triangular hut but it now has a fridge in it. Now that’s an improvement.

The showers have been refurbished, which is good because they used to be full of spiders! It has associated itself with the koala sanctuary, which I remember as being some way distant and wonderful, because it was so casual. Now it is a money making tour and we decide not to go. I will take John to the Forts walk where there are wild koalas for free.

It’s good to be back and I can’t wait to re-discover all the places which my daughter showed me all those years ago.


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