Someone stole our milk! – Wednesday 2nd November 2011

From our YHA bedroom there’s no telling the weather. You can tell its morning from the stamps up and down the corridor to the men’s shared bathroom and the frequent sound of rushing water. But no, that’s not true! Last night I could hear the same sounds, but then I knew it was the young lads being violently sick after their beer. I don’t envy them their drinking, binge or otherwise, I just wish I did not have to hear the end result so graphically!

We email, smooch around go down to make coffee in the communal kitchen. It’s our last day and we are keen to manage our food resources so there is no waste. But to our horror someone has pinched our milk. The bottle is there but the liquid has virtually disappeared.

Our own children used to do this all the time. Why? “I didn’t finish the peanut butter! Look the jar is still there!”. Yes but it’s empty! Just throw it away and add it to our shopping list and we can buy some more. This tactic is not going to work with a bunch of boisterous youths.

I agree young people, (Oh my goodness how old am I today? saying this.) young people should have gap years, travel does broaden the mind and boosts self confidence etc. but that was MY milk.

Right, let’s go out. (No use crying over spilt milk!) the local bus service is free. We jump on for mile or two and arrive at the shopping mall. There’s Coles (of course) and a few cares. We eat IRS and drink coffee – with milk, we nose around the bottle shop, the chemist, al uninspiring stuff.

The surf is up and the sea is full of Lycra clad surfers making the most of it! I once went in the surf waves like this in Ecuador, swimming. I learned to swim under the waves but was often bashed about. I must admit that now I feel a fear for their power. I don’t think I’ll be surfing!

We discuss our next venue. We arrange to hire a car. We pack. We’re readily for more adventure, perhaps away from YHA. I’ll return to it but I need a break. I’m not in the 18-26 bracket. Even my children are older than this. I love the way their energy, their enthusiasm, their ‘grab it’ attitude – until it comes to my milk.

Oh I am a sour puss today!



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