A plane, a car and some heat- Thursday 3rd November 2011

Up early; packed; check out of the YHA and catch 9.30 train, off to Sydney Airport. We’re going to fly to Cairns!

But it takes forever to do this in reality. There are no problems but it takes 3 hours in the train and a further 3 hours in the air.

The car company picks us up and we have a nice new Getz!

The drive to Port Douglas is fabulous. The coastal section is really special with brilliant views as the road hugs the cliff, or the beach. There are enough bends to make it a very exciting drive, interesting handling, and views of the sea. It’s just a pity it went dark!

We are excited to be getting an apartment, and stop off to buy chicken and steak, arriving at the resort about 7pm.

It’s a bit wired. We have a text message asking us pick up the keys from another hotel around the corner, more so because a voicemail says we need to phone for a code and the key will be in a safe. This is getting like a game show! But it works!

The Ramada reminds me of a Thai hotel we once visited. A large open foyer with cane armchairs and a live cockatoo on a perch. But our room was a shock!

The advert had used words like apartment and suite so we had assumed that it would have a kitchen. There was certainly mention of a fridge but I was not expecting a small bar fridge. To add to the mystery we were provided with plates, cutlery, lovely wine glasses…

It’s a huge bedroom, well decorated in monochrome with a twin basin corner bath room, but we feel furious! How will we afford to eat if we do not have a kitchen?

We’re tired! We’ll sleep on it! We have no idea what the area is like, or even what the view from the window will be. Just shove all the food into the tiny fridge. I cannot bare the idea that it might all go to waste!



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