Last day in the Blue Mountains – Sunday 30th October 2011

We woke with a determination to reconstruct our travel plans, which had been destroyed by the Qantas strike. You realize just how vital, brilliant and wonderful it is to have our own “complete package” of mobile IT. Both of us surfing for options, phoning for refunds, and recharging various devices as they ran dry!

My head had sorted itself out during the night: eating was now a comfortable option and I felt so relieved and grateful.

By mid-morning we had a new Virgin flight, re-arranged out YHA accommodation and some kind of agreement with an apartment in Port Douglas (although nothing in writing yet!)

Time for another walk, this time towards Narrow Neck with an abyss on one side and valley on the other. I love Australia, it’s like Africa: you call it what it is!

It was a glorious walk, through quiet suburbs, and beyond, to detour viewpoints which were incredible. The first was wonderful of the 3 Sisters, surpassing those I’d seen on Friday. The second was only 200 meters from the road but offered a spectacular panorama of the Blue Mountains. For the first time I understood why it’s called that. The vast cliffs lead down to an enormous valley floor upon which a giant mountain was set in splendid isolation. The sunlight filtering the air to give that amazing blue tinge. I had thought the mountain simply the other side of the valley until this view. It’s all so vast!

We ate lunch here, totally alone in the sunlight. I felt as though I’d be happy to sit here forever but the view itself drew me on.


There were several other viewpoints along the way. One of a gigantic landfall, which, when seen from Narrow Neck, was astonishing in scale. A massive clean scar revealed pale rock.


Back at the YHA I find I am getting used to this communal cooking but tonight there is a crowd of 8-12 people who’ve arrived with a dinner party! The (shop bought) pavlova alone weighs 1kg and that is without any topping at all! These walkers are in their 50s and 60s, (like us!). This seems to be a regular meeting for them. I’m not ready for this extravagant fare but happily prepare my chicken, which is very nice, thank you!

Tomorrow we leave for Newcastle-yes, really!


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