Blue Mountains, Leura Falls – Saturday 29th October 2011

We woke again to mist and chill. This initially coming for the YHA person who was knocking at our door around 9.30 while we were still asleep, well snoozing!

“Did you still want to change your room to a double? Only the computer is playing up!”

I tried to reassure her that it was no worries but we clearly needed to report to reception by 10 o’clock to settle this.

Speed washing!

Now, once you’ve put a thing in motion, it can be hard to stop! First law of inertia! It’s the domino effect of mentioning that we would prefer an ensuite if they had one when we had actually booked a double room with no bathroom in the original booking. In the end it meant the following:
We never paid the extra
We had to re-pack after 2 days
We were room-less for one day
We did get a double ensuite
It wasn’t much better than the bunk beds ensuite we had just left

Anyway, while we waited for a new room, we went to Hatters for lunch. John ordered lamb pie and was told it was a 17 minute wait. We’re in no hurry!

We began plans for tomorrow. Ipad-ing information about Jenolin caves and transport. Maybe car hire? But 17 minutes spread out forever because they had lost the tab slip!

A free beer, free garlic bread and a further 17 minutes later and we ate lunch. Under normal circumstances we would have been furious. Here, we smiled at the freebies and sat back. My trouble was eating.

Yesterday I’d had a stiff tongue! It was difficult to move, weird! Overnight I had slept badly with an ache. Not sure even if it was an ear ache, sore throat or simply difficulty swallowing. By lunch time, I knew it was the latter.

Still we set off for a walk towards Leura Falls. The path tracked just below the road, along the edge of the abyss, offering many detours for beautiful views. It wasn’t long, or particularly hot but the sun had burnt up the mist now. I just found it hard going. My mouth was incredibly painful. I began to imagine what if I had been bitten by a spider? Maybe I’d never be able to eat properly again!

Just our luck! John was looking at the BBC website and saw the Quantas air strike. We have booked our fight to Cairns at the very time when all flights are cancelled. We need a back up plan but I am too sore to think of one.

So I went to bed early with 2 ibuprofens and actually had a good sleep, even though I was aware that things we definitely happening in my head, trickling and oozing and yuk!


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