Spontaneous Sydney – Wednesday 26th October 2011

Whilst it is still grey, the wind has dropped a little. We settle happily in work mode, even though there is no work to do. We both love computers, so for over a hour we sit emailing, using Facebook, researching where to go next and how to get there. We work in harmonious silence, punctuated by snippets we find interesting.

But today is our last in Sydney for a while and many more things beckon. Primarily, we’d both like to cross the bridge!

How quickly we grow habits! Already our route is down George Street, which we know leads to the Quays and Rocks area. But there have been landmarks we have not done justice to so far. This time it’s the Queen Victoria shopping mall.

Built for the same purpose as London’s Covent Garden, this 3 story mall retains much of its heritage with cast ironwork railings, beautiful tiled floors, extravagant external carvings and decorations. Most recently they have added escalators, very sympathetically.


The crowning glory is a pair of clocks, one of which has a small model of Cook’s boat sailing around to count the passage of time.


An exhilaration hits us, we can actually go anywhere, we have a freedom that has not existed before! Jump on a train to cross the bridge. As soon as we make land, we jump off again, like school kids catching free rides. We walk back over the bridge the train has only just crossed, taking photos.


What now? Which ferry can we chose at random? Which will leave soon? Which goes somewhere we have never heard of?

Mosman Bay, please! Turns out it’s north of Sydney where the houses are old style but lovely. You can tell monied people live here and there are plenty of large yachts moored. But no cafe, no where to entice us to stay. So we jump on a bus that’s just waiting by the landing stage. No idea where it will take us! Slowly it makes its way back to Milton’s Point on the North side of the bridge. Lucky eh?

Sydney is huge with tightly packed suburbs, prosperous shops and lots of lovely clothes outlets. A good insight into life and the bus is warm and comfortable. The shopping aspect is frustrating. I no longer have an accommodating wardrobe to add another outfit in. The suitcase is already at its limit and we will have to dump something at some stage to fit in souvenirs. Window shopping takes on another meaning!

At Milton’s Pint we change bus twice more before buying string (!) in case we need to make a clothes line, and ingredients for dinner. Clearly this is the answer to the shopping dilemma! Only buy things of use that are very small or for immediate consumption.

Just at the end of dinner Gemma and Sarah, our lovely daughters, come on Skype.

All that’s left is a shower, packing and the next stage of our epic journey – the Blue Mountains. After that we have decided to fly North to Cairns. All my pre-travel research had been to drive South to Melbourne, but we now think the heat will only intensify and we need to enjoy the tropics in a more moderate weather. Impulsivity, freedom, choice: I’ve been missing these things!



One thought on “Spontaneous Sydney – Wednesday 26th October 2011

  1. Looks like you’re having an amazing time Marion! I’ve almost forgotten what blue sky looks like as we high speed in the dark towards Christmas. I love Sydney, I worked in a real estate agents in Potts Point, Kelly & Sons, and before that was a chambermaid at the University Motor Inn on the Paramatta Road and also did a sandwich round at offices in Bondi Junction. We’d spend evenings at Darling Harbour or concerts at the Showground – maybe you’ll see the Mardi Gras in Paddington in Feb – eye popping! Enjoy, must go and put some more wood on the fire! Joanne :o)

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