Don Giovanni Sydney- Tuesday 25th October 2011

The weather has turned: cloudy, dull, windy. Just right to force us to consider our plans. We leave for the Blue Mountains on Thursday. That far has been our only pre-planned concept of this whole adventure. Just enough I thought to get us settled and acclimatized. How easy will it be to arrange accommodation and transport beyond that and WHERE do we actually want to go?

By 3.30 we have done some washing, laughing at the top loader machine never seen in England, and met with Gemma’s friend Kat with her lovely baby, Sophia to wish her a happy birthday and it share some coffee. That’s it then. We don’t know anyone else in Australia.

Trying to find a pre-opera meal seems impossible mostly because we don’t want to eat at the same place as yesterday and we are trying to keep our expenses down. We end up in an Italian near the Quays which looks like a cosy cafe but is of very poor quality. It’s amazing how busy this place is- except the are very few options open around 5.30-6 pm.


The opera, however, is wonderful. Classic in every sense f the word. Devine simple set, elegant costumes, with just a twist for the Don himself: something from Anne Summers in the opening act, I think but very becoming!

I was particularly impressed when having coffee in the foyer before the performance, on being offered a canapé!

I loved the grand finale, when the ghost caused the set to fall dramatically to the floor and the Don is consumed into the floor.

It’s like whale watching! An experience to return to when lying in bed, to remember how lucky I am and those rich, rare things I’ve done.

The day was topped with a half hour watching Keoni on Skype. Our grandson is just 14 months old and I’ve been lucky enough to see him many times a week while living in UK. It is a dreadful wrench to leave him, and my daughters. But a joy to see him this way.




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