Whales Sydney – Sunday 23rd October

Whales! This afternoon we sailed out of Sydney Harbour in a powerful catamaran. Thinking we might need to be some way out to sea, John settled down to coffee when -whales!


There by Manly cliffs a mum with her baby. So many times, they surfaced, reminding me of the Loch Ness Monster: deepest black against the silver blue ocean. A graceful arch, a gentle breath letting go as a sigh. There are two kayaks in the water offering a unique sense of scale. Their orange boats puny against the 15 meter length of mum. For some long while we watch and marvel before they sink out of sight. Several times the cat repositions itself to give a best view. It’s a gentle, calming scene, despite the little motor boats and kayaks around us- and our ow massive 3 story cat!

In the distance 3 or 4 other pods blow and for a moment I suppose we’ve seen our whale, perhaps that is that! But the crew are interested in giving value and they head out further to sea.

We catch up with three makes who are heading North. The crew tell us these “boys are motoring along” as they travel at 12 knots rather than the usual 3-5. We all guess this is a race to prove fitness for a female – or maybe it’s just play. Either way we match them.


Every minute they rise for air and they are never far below the surface. One has a large white arch on his side and is easy to spot as he glows a luminous turquoise. All the spectators learn now to spot him and when they will rise. A unison of cheers and aahs accompany their swim.


All around us now there are explosive spouts of air and water as other pods go on their way. It’s an amazing spectacle as these whales migrate with their babies who were born near the Coral Sea. Now they are all returning South to feeding grounds for the summer.

This is a lifetime ambition for me. To see whales, close up and for a long time. They are totally wonderful and I feel very honored to have been so close, sometimes as close as 25 m. Pure joy!



3 thoughts on “Whales Sydney – Sunday 23rd October

  1. it was simply the best experience! Thank you for your comments. We missed Noosa, Mumarazzi, but loved Byron Bay and Coff’s Harbour. we’re still in Australia, was Noosa interesting?

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