Sydney day 2 – Friday 21st October 2011

There must be an enchantment on any theatre tour. Sydney Opera House mixes a peep into each venue, with videos of its construction, which is a story in itself. Imagine the sketchy original idea which was nearly not even short listed. Imagine the architect never even saw the finished building. Imagine the horror when no-one knew how exactly to construct the shells!

I love the enthusiasm of the guide. She seems to have seen every performance for years and is very knowledgable about architecture.





The presentation attracts the attention of a guy form Melbourne and we get into conversation. He wants to visit Italy and France and asks our recommendations. In return they tell us about Melbourne and the grand occasion of the Melbourne Cup horse race when everyone dresses up.

As we m is our ferry back we end up drinking even more with them. When they had gone it occurred to me, I knew his family came from Latvia originally, they’d been married for 20 years, they loved Tasmania, but I did not know their names!

By the time we got home we were exhausted and struggled through some pasta before falling into bed.




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