Sydney Australia – Thursday 20th October 2011

When someone steals Wednesday and you find yourself in perpetual night, locked in an airplane, it’s little wonder that people have jet-lag! Yet when we emerge through quarantine and customs, we are filled with a determination which has fixated us since we conceived of this grand plan.


For over an hour we battle with our own phone handset, which actually have NOT been unlocked, despite the email stating it had; which SIM, dongal, pocket wi-fi would best suit us. If you ever find yourself in this situation, take my advice- leave the airport, get some sleep and THEN try to sort this out! There is really plenty of time. We have 6 months ahead of us!

When we feel satisfied that we are not cut off from the world, we catch the train to Central and start walking with a pocket wi-fI stowed in our bag. It is said that walking is the best prevention for jet-lag.

Sydney in October is warm with a gentle cooling breeze. It’s so familiar but I’ve never seen it before. When Ibis share pecking rights in the park with pigeon and seagulls, it all seems normal.

It’s the small things which stick out. It’s spring not autumn. I knew it would be, but the reality jars. A dead bare tree attracts no attention until you look up to see the blossom. It’s the most beautiful shade of violet or pale purple, such as I would not expect on a tree and I’ve never seen before. The colour is more intense than Lilac. Startling!

We walk to our flat, book in, leave our bags. It’s far too early to move in, but moving freely without 84kilo of luggage kicking at our heals helps a lot. Anyway the flat lobby is reassuring and the area is by China Town, reasonably central- good choice!



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